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Dell Inspiron OEM 38Wh F62G0 Battery 13 5370 7000 7370 7380 7386 7373

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Battery Type: Li-ion; 

Capacity: 38Wh ;

Voltage: 11.4V;

Color: Black

Replace  with  Part number:

F62G0  F62GO  0F62G0  RPJC3  0RPJC3  39DY5  039DY5

Compatible with:

13-5370-D1305P, 13-5370-D1505S, 13-5370-D1605P, 13- 5370-D1605S, 13-5370-D1625P, 13-5370-D1625S, 13-5370-D1725S,

13-5370-D2605P, 13-5370-D2605S, 13-5370-D2625P, 13-5370-D2625S, 13-5370-D2725S, 13-5370-D1745S, 13-5370-R1605S.

Dell Inspiron 13 7370 Series:

13-7370-7VF2T, 13-7370-8HK47, 13-7370-1733, 13 7370-1740, 13 7370-9665, 13-7370-9696, 13-7370-9702, 13-7370-DV18W,

13-7370-MKG04, 13-7370-MMFM, 13-7370-D1505S, 13-7370-D1601P,13-7370-D1601S, 13-7370-D1605P, 13-7370-D1605S,

13-7370-D1701P, 13-7370-D1701S, 13-7370-D1705P, 13-7370-D1705S, 13-7370-D1805P, 13-7370-D1805S, 13-7370-D2605S;

Dell Inspiron 13 7373 Series:

13 7373-0842, 13 7373-0859, 13 7373-0866, 13 7373-0873, 13 7373-75VK0, 13 7373-G3VVK, 13 7373-VFNYM;

Dell Inspiron 13 7380 Series:

13-7380-D1605P, 13-7380-D1605S, 13-7380-D1705P, 13-7380-D1705S, 13-7380-D1805P, 13-7380-D1805S;

Dell Vostro 5370 Series:

13-5370-D1505G, 13-5370-D1505S, 13-5370-D1525G, 13-5370-D1525S, 13-5370-D1605G, 13-5370-D1605S, 13-5370-D1745G,


Dell Inspiron 13MF Series:

13MF Pro-D5501TS, 13MF Pro-D5505TS, 13MF Pro-D5701TS, 13MF Pro-D5705TS.

Dell Inspiron 13 7386 Series

Dell P83G P83G001 P87G P87G001 Series


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